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Chamber Positions

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce promotes policies that are conducive to quality job creation and enhance the region’s economic vitality. We work to address these issues through input and education from our members and regular communication with elected officials and regional stakeholders. The GMCC maintains primary focus on public policy issues related to the City of Madison, Dane County and other regional issues.

Positions adopted by the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Block 100 Foundation Project

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors supports the Block 100 Foundation Project, a philanthropic gift that carefully balances historic preservation with viable economic development. Download our Block 100 Position PDF to read more.

Venture Capital

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors supports establishment of a state venture capital investment program to support entrepreneurial and business growth. That objective is shared by the Wisconsin Growth Capital Coalition. As a member of that coalition, GMCC will advocate for state legislation that addresses the principles outlined in the main motion. Venture Capital.


Eliminating the Achievement Gap

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors encourages a comprehensive approach to eliminate the student achievement gap currently present in Madison schools.
The Board strongly endorses the advancement of the Urban League of Greater Madison’s proposed Madison Preparatory Academy. The Board also acknowledges and endorses the continued investment in successful strategies already employed by the Madison Metropolitan School District and the United Way of Dane County.  Dowload our Madison Prep Position PDFto read more.


UW-Madison Public Authority

UW-Madison is an economic engine for our regional and state economy and has grown to be a global leader in research. The reality is that UW-Madison is in competition with other top academic institutions for the best and brightest faculty and students. Declining state support puts the university at a competitive disadvantage in this regard. For the university to flourish despite continued and significant state reductions, it is critical that the campus be provided greater flexibility to manage its affairs.

For these reasons, the GMCC Board of Directors support making UW-Madison a public authority. As a public authority, the university will be able to correct inefficiencies and adopt market-based solutions to address their unique needs. In addition, the state should consider providing these same flexibilities to other UW-System campuses in the future.

Edgewater Hotel Redevelopment Project

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce adheres to its mission statement to support enlightened economic growth by endorsing the concept of the redevelopment of the Edgewater Hotel because it will significantly enhance economic development in the greater Madison area by growing the tax base, promoting area revitalization, supporting the University and providing greater public access to Lake Mendota. To read more about this position, Download our Edgewater Hotel Redevelopment position PDF.