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Photo by Richard Hurd

Building Community in Wake of August Floods

Kickapoo River Valley was hit hard by the flooding that affected much of Southwest Wisconsin last August. Several commercial and residential buildings experienced significant damage necessitating demolition. The August flooding has taken a significant toll on the community. The incident spurred local resident and Mead & Hunt employee Scott Lind to action.

As an involved member of the community, Scott could see the emotional, environmental, and physical toll the flooding had on the area surrounding the Kickapoo Valley River. With the help of fellow employee Mark Sauer, Scott was able to enact positive change in his community by creating a team of Mead & Hunt employees dedicated to removing flood debris from the Kickapoo River.

The project struck a chord for many within the company who were themselves affected by the flooding. Due to the high level of interest and dedication, the company provided time off for employees to participate as well as funding for the project. This funding allowed the Kickapoo Valley River to hire a local logging company to remove a large walk-in cooler from the center of the river, along with multiple log jams and other debris.

This cleanup project is vital to the community as the local topography makes farming and transportation difficult, so visitors to the area represent a large source of income. Kayaking, canoeing and tubing in the Kickapoo River is a significant driver of tourists to the area. Keeping the river as beautiful as possible is therefore critical from an environmental, social and financial perspective.

Mead & Hunt believes in empowering employees to enact positive change within their own communities where they see need. For the Kickapoo Valley River community, seeing people come together to rise above the effects of the flooding to actively move forward is a vital morale boost, and also has the potential to drive sorely-needed revenue to the area.

Mead & Hunt is an employee-owned consulting firm and remains strong on ENR’s Top 500 design firm list with a national ranking of 119th in 2019. The firm employs over 750 employees from 30+ offices located across the nation and was named by CE News one of the top 10 engineering companies to work for in the nation.


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