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Photo by Richard Hurd

Overture Center announces preservation plans

Madison, Wis. — The COVID-19 pandemic has had a worldwide impact on businesses and individuals. The arts industry thrives on bringing people together through the arts. Closures were necessary to protect public health, and while state economies are reopening, the entertainment and hospitality sectors are expected to be the last to recover.

The pandemic has seriously impacted Overture Center financially. The financial impact of the pandemic for our fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 will be in the millions.

The Executive Leadership Team has evaluated several options aimed at financial preservation. As we created this framework for the future, it was critical to support all the people involved, from our employees to our patrons. We also considered how to best address the needs of our building and our resident arts companies while recognizing their independence. The framework for our plan to move forward was approved by Overture’s Board of Directors.

Overture Center Board Chair, Betty Harris Custer, said, “The uncertainty of this pandemic means that we need to consider several short- and long-term scenarios as we make our plans. We need to be nimble, yet we must be positioned for success. We are doing everything we can to secure a positive future for Overture and our employees.”

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