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Photo by Richard Hurd

Playground Gift Will Address Emotional and Developmental Needs

Madison’s historic philanthropic Attic Angel Association turned 130 in 2019 and held a fundraiser all year long to build a playground that will benefit children who experience trauma and other challenges. With the help of the community and a generous couple who provided a large matching gift challenge, nearly $75,000 in donations was raised and presented just before Christmas to The Playing Field early learning center in Madison.

The enormous gift – about 50% larger than planned – was greeted with excitement and gratitude from the children, teachers, parents and board members of the nonprofit child care center. With homeless children representing one-third of its enrollment, The Playing Field seeks to improve society by giving all children the start they deserve instead of letting them fall victim to circumstances. The special playground equipment will address the emotional and development needs of children who experience stress and trauma so that they and their families can learn appropriate coping mechanisms as early as possible.