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2019 Spring Election

Plans are underway for spring 2019 city elections, which include the mayor and all 20 Madison Common Council seats. Contact Public Policy Manager Brett Halverson to learn more about how you can support the Chamber’s endorsed candidates through our conduit.

2017 Spring Election

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors endorsed select candidates for the April 2017 election of the Madison City Council. As part of that process, we provided every candidate the opportunity to answer several questions about city issues of importance to the business community. All responses received are posted here. Click on candidate names to view their responses to the Chamber Questionnaire.

*Candidates in red did not return a questionnaire
*Candidates in bold received the Chamber’s endorsement

District 1:
David Handowski        Barbara Harrington-McKinney (I)

District 2:
Ledell Zellers (I)

District 3:
Amanda Hall (I)

District 4:
Michael Verveer (I)

District 5:
Shiva Bidar-Sielaff (I)

District 6:
Marsha Rummel (I)

District 7:
Steve King (I)

District 8:
John Terry, Jr.               Zach Wood

District 9:
Paul Skidmore (I)

District 10:
Maurice Cheeks (I)       
Steve Fitzsimmons

District 11:
Bradley Campbell        Arvina Martin

District 12:
Larry Palm (I)

District 13:
Sara Eskrich (I)

District 14:
Sheri Carter (I)        Jose Eladio Rea

District 15:
David Ahrens (I)

District 16:
Denise DeMarb (I)

District 17:
Samba Baldeh (I)

District 18:
Rebecca Kemble (I)

District 19:
Mark Clear (I)

District 20:
Matt Phair (I)